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FAT & NTFS file system, designed for Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT, 98, 95.

There are many possible ways to organize the information, programs, and data that we store on our computer hard drives. The system of collecting information together in "files" which in turn are grouped in "directories" or "folders" provides a method for naming and addressing information that is familiar to most PC users. But the mechanics of how the information is actually physically placed on the hard drive and retrieved is not something most of us ever think about. Nonetheless, with the advent of Windows XP and its file system, NTFS 3.1 (also known as NTFS 5.1, the numbering isn't consistent), the time has come when this seemingly esoteric subject should not be ignored. PC users who are changing over to XP from Windows 9X/Me should be aware that NTFS (New Technology File System) has characteristics unfamiliar to most home PC users, whose systems employ a different file system called FAT (File Allocation Table). Those upgrading an older computer to Windows XP will face the decision of which file system to use. Those who buy a new computer with XP will almost certainly have NTFS already installed. In either event some knowledge of the workings of the file systems would seem desirable even for the average PC user.

We provide hard disk information, data loss and data recovery information as well as data recovery software, and meanwhile, we provide online support on solving issues related to data recovery.

In Hard Disk Information part, we focus on the foundational knowledge on the configuration, the interface, the parameter of hard disk as well as many file systems structure, which helps you learn about the principles on data loss and data recovery.

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In Data Recovery Software part, we focus on several pieces of excellent software specializing in data recovery and partition table recovery, which provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the solutions.

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